Royalè Cica Vitamin Ampoule Balm

Swipe away redness, wrinkles, and blemishes with Royale’s Cica Vitamin Ampoule Balm! Packed with nourishing ingredients, this soothing balm helps calm the skin, hydrates, and improves texture by strengthening the skin barrier. Say goodbye to irritation and hello to glowing complexion!

Key Ingredients:

Cica Complex - It contains Asiaticoside, a natural compound that prevents wrinkles and improves skin elasticity; Madecassoside that provides nutrition for damaged skin; and Asiatic acid that strengthens the skin barrier and acts as an anti-oxidant to prevent aging.

Licorice Extract and Jojoba Seed Oil - Gives skin a smooth glowing complexion.

Houttuynia Cordata - An effective anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial ingredient

Argan Kernel Oil - It inhibits formation of blemishes and freckles.

Evening Primrose Oil - Relieves inflammation and a good moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin.

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