Royale Propolis Long Wear Serum Cushion

We all love a multi-use product and Royale’s Propolis Long Wear Serum Cushion is definitely checking a lot of boxes! Look effortlessly flawless with its lightweight and buildable coverage. Plus, it contains propolis extract and other nourishing ingredients which keeps skin hydrated and in turn makes your makeup look flawless and last longer. Yes, it’s makeup and skincare that conveniently fits in your purse!

Key Proponents:

Eco Air Tension Puff - It comes with a unique eco air tension puff designed to help you maximize this perfect mix of makeup and skincare.

Propolis Extract - This formula extracted from the honeycomb is known to supply nutrients that give skin a natural glow.

Collagen - It prevents skin aging by improving skin elasticity.

White Truffle Extract - Also known as the "diamond in the ground", this ingredient provides nutrients that help improve overall skin health.

Peptide - It helps prevent wrinkles and skin aging by improving skin elasticity and moisture level.

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