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Holistic Bundle — Youthful Vigor


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Are you tired again? Yes growing up is terrible! You can’t do this, do that. You can’t do anything extreme at all! Well those are given, growing up isn’t really debatable. What we can do is to supplement our body with the proper nutrients for us to last long and maximize our day in any activity.

We know that feeling, that’s why we created a set just for you!

Youthful Vigor Set:
— Sodium Ascorbate is a tummy friendly vitamin C. Strengthen your immune system and increase your resistance from stress and sickness.
— A healthy blood circulation can drive away numerous number of illnesses. You need those blood pumping for your adventures!
— Collagen stimulates cells in the skin, joints and bone, leading to collagen synthesis and growth. Providing a younger looking skin.

Return your awesome action with Youthful Vigor Set!


Collagen —
Royale-C —
Grapeseed —

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