Things to consider before buing an anti-perspirant deodorant


Using a reliable deodorant is a necessity for a variety of reasons. For one, a great deodorant will give you the confidence needed to mingle in social or formal settings. Another is that the use of deodorant could give your self-worth a great boost. Knowing that you are using a great product against sweat and any unpleasant odor is great for people who are all about making the most of the hours in the day in pursuit of productive things.

Now, while the choice of deodorant is based on individual preference and taste, there are some things to consider before settling for a particular brand.

Your brand of choice should match your productiveness. You want to get a deodorant that will last, that will not breakdown in the middle of your day and cause you any trouble. Most brands highlight the length of time their products can sustain you, so read the labels before making a purchase. By checking what is offered, you will know whether you need a very strong product against an excessive sweating, or if you need to buy something mild. Most brands would claim to last from 12 to 24 hours, and you should go for these ones since getting a brand that will need re-application is not ideal.

This is one of the main reasons why people need deodorants. It is important to find a brand that removes irritating stench from having body odor, making people question your hygienic practices. Ensure that the brand you are purchasing doesn’t only smell great outside bottle but also once applied and in contact with your sweats.

Some deodorants will leave unsightly white marks on your skin, and this is just as worse as having a darker complexion in your underarm. You should buy an anti-perspirant that won’t leave any mark on your skin or stain on your clothes.

If the formula of the product is wrong, you might find that the armpit area of your clothes will become discoloured as time goes on. For this reason, you should buy quick-drying deodorants and anti-perspirants to reduce the risk of ruining your clothes and having stains on your skin.

The general advice is not to apply deodorants and anti-perspirants on broken skin, right? This is because it stings and causes irritation if there is any injury to the skin. You should ensure that the product doesn’t use ingredients that may cause irritation (rashes or bumps) when applied on your skin. The key is to know what works for you as a person since people’s bodies react differently to things.

Since we’ve helped you out on a wiser quality decision-making, why not help you even further? All these four categories can actually be achieved with only one product.

L’opulent Homme and Femme are both anti-perspirant and deodorant that offer a twenty-four hour protection and lightening for the underarm. L’opulent Femme & Homme have tri-active complex that lighten and smoothen underarms with regular use, and give that all-day feeling of freshness and dryness.




Feel these key ingredients infused in Femme & Homme:

ARBUTIN AND GLUTATHIONE: powerful skin lightening actives that prevent skin darkening and reduce existing pigmentation.

VITAMIN E: improves and nourishes underarm skin texture.

L’opulent Femme & Homme also have a mixture of special ingredients that make underarm hairs feel softer, finer and easier to remove.

So, the next time you browsed through the selection of anti-perspirant and deodorant products, you know what to pick.

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