Starting Royale as an Independent Distributor

You took the time and managed to be around this page. That is for one reason, you are curious. Want to know the basic recipes on how to be an earning Royalista? This is the right place for you.

Take this first step by starting Royale, and indulge your curiosity.


Know the business you are about to enter. Gain knowledge to earn trust for the company. Take the deepest background check so you can start business with an ease.

Learn the ten years of Royale greatness and be inspired by the most successful Royalistas. Know how the Royale Business Club International Inc. can help you have that stable income without any worries.

Here’s how you can learn more about Royale

  • ATTEND AN RBP (Royale Business Presentation). Be inspired by the greatest Royalistas and let them prove how Royale Business Club is your next step to having that financial stability.
  • READ THIS PAGE. We hope that this page is sufficient enough to inform you about Royale.
  • SET APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR SPONSOR. Got any friends inside Royale? There’s another ticket in!
  • WATCH A VIDEO. Got no time to for all mentioned above? Watch the clear video presentation at the end of this page and be informed!


Since 2006, Royale Business Club International Incorporated has been a partner for countless Royalistas in achieving financial stability. This multinational company has the ability to formulate and create its own products, which provide livelihood for the people within Royale’s reach.

The success of this company built the foundations for its own four-story building located at the Royale Centre 1363A Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City. With numerous branches nationwide and centers from other countries like; Singapore, Nigeria, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, Royale Business Club is proven to be legally and globally accepted.

Royale Business Club has been, for a decade, a 100% great help for those with interest starting their own business for more years to come.


Royale understands that your health and beauty are your top riches you want to take care of.  With that, Royale offers quality products that are mainly health and beauty centered fit for everyone.

Approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration and Halal certified, Royale ensures that all products have been adjusted for all kinds of complications that may cause into having serious side-effects.

Take your health and beauty to new heights as Royale gives you brand new sets of formulation made specifically with no discrimination to anyone whatsoever. Products that can be universal to everyone who thought they won’t have the chance to experience such products before.

Royale doesn’t just assure you to earn more, Royale focuses on you getting healthier and more beautiful in the process.


With Royale Business Club, be successful in not just one, not three, but eleven guaranteed effective ways to earn.

  1. Retail Profits — This allows you to earn as much as 30% profit by selling the products in retail at selling retail price or SRP.
  2. Indirect Seller Program — Whenever your direct sellers buy Royale products directly from Royale’s Head Office at the privilege 10% discount on all products, Royale will automatically give you up to 20% income from the products he bought. Your percent discount as independent distributor, minus your direct sellers’ 10% discount is your income through this indirect selling program.
  3. Product Package Rebates — With this way of earning, you get to earn rebates for every package you get to sell. Earn as much as 1,610 pesos for every starter package, 4,830 pesos for every business package, and 11,270 pesos for every elite package you sell.
  4. Package Upgrades — When any of your team members upgrade their packages, Royale also gives you the opportunity to earn from it. If a member of your sales team wants to upgrade his starter package which is 1,610 pesos to a business package you get to earn a product package rebate of 4,830 pesos. 11,270 pesos if your member wants an elite package upgrade from his business package.
  5. Match Sales Commission — Income generated through match sales is based on point value or PV. Every Royale package or product bought by independent distributors earns three types of points: Point Value (PV), Unilevel Point Value (UPV), and Multilevel Point Value (MPV). In order for you to generate income, you need to create two teams; your left team and your right team for starter, business and elite holders. Every time your sales team produces 150 PV both on your left and your right team, Royale gives you a match sales bonus of 2,100 pesos. The more point value your left and your right team produce, the bigger the income you get to earn. Starter package holders can have a monthly potential income as much as 756,000 pesos, 882,000 pesos for business package holders, and 1,008,000 pesos monthly for the elite package holders.
  6. 5th Match Bonus — Accumulate a Distributor Reward Point or DRP and use it to purchase various Royale products or gadgets like phones, laptops, projectors, etc., or business building tools like vehicles. For starter package holders, for every 5th match sales, you personally get 200 DRP. For business package holders, in every 5th match sales of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd level downlines, an additional 30 DRP, 20 DRP, and 10 DRP respectively are earned. Lastly, for elite package holders, for every 5th match sales of your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th level downlines, earn an additional 30 DRP, 20 DRP, and 10 DRP for the 3rd and the 5th level downlines.
  7. Unilevel Program — This program helps independent distributors earn 10% personal rebates by accumulating a minimum of 800 Unilevel Point Value (UPV) through the purchase of products. You can also earn commissions from the UPV accumulation of your 1st level down to your 10th level sales team. Since there’s always product movement, you also earn nonstop.
  8. Multilevel Program — As an independent distributor, you earn through this program by accumulating Multilevel Point Value (MPV) through personal rebates and overriding commissions of your entire team. Depending on the amount of MPV accumulated by your team, you get to have a ranking title as junior, senior, manager, executive leader, paragon leader, silver director, gold director, or Royale diamond. MPV accumulation has no time limit and no expiration. Every time you level up, you gain higher rebates. AAnother way to earn is through the overriding commissions. If you are a Royale diamond, for example, and you have sales teammate who is a junior, your 50% rebate minus his 5% rebate is your percentage overriding commission, which amounts to 45% commission from his personal purchase down to his entire team. Same goes with the rest of your sales team except when you have a Royale diamond teammate, you get a 5% overriding commission instead of 0%. Thus, the bigger the group, the bigger the points, the bigger the commission.
  9. Incentive Program — This is an all-expense paid of twelve to fourteen days travel to different world class destinations around the globe. Royale gives this to hardworking and well-performing distributors so they can have rest, relaxation and bond with their fellow distributors.
  10. Indirect Bonus — This added feature is exclusive for business package and elite package holders where you earn a percentage from your sponsor distributors’ commission every time he gets to sell a product package. For business package holders, from your first level up to your third level, you will receive a 5% commission income generated by your downlines from selling a product package. For elite package holders 5% commission up to your 5th level downlines.
  11. Powerline Bonus — If you are a business package holder, you will be able to receive an income from the total match sales bonus for the month of your team. You will have 2% shares from your first level, 1.5% on your second level, and 1% on your third level downlines. While for the elite package holder, 3% on your first level, 2.5% on your second level, 2% on your third level, 1.5% on your 4th level, and 1% on your 5th level downlines.


Done watching or reading this page? Proceed to the next step and further know Royale.


Select the most suitable package for you. You can either select a package for personal use or distribution purposes.

You now know Royale Business Club International Incorporated. You have built that trust for a company since you’ve taken interest on Royale. Now that you have, you’re here on step two.

It’s now time to choose your package. This is where your Royale journey starts, with a simple purchase of any of the three packages offered by Royale.

1581-Select Package
Starter Packages. Best for starting entrepreneurs who are adding more sources of income to their baskets. Royale’s Starter Packages is the best package you can ever dream of!

Starter Package A Starter Package B Starter Package C Starter Package D Starter Package E Starter Package F Starter Package G Starter Package H Starter Package I Starter Package J Starter Package K


Business Packages. A package fit for people who has a vast experience with negotiations and business. If you are one of us, you will not miss out Royale’s Business Package!

Business Package A Business Package B Business Package C Business Package D


Elite Packages. For people who are looking for a business with great return potential. Royale’s Elite Packages perfectly match your needs.

Elite Package A Elite Package B Elite Package C Elite Package D Elite Package E

View “ELITE PACKAGES” on shop

Package inclusions varies from country to country. Now, you’re getting closer, you may turn to the last step.


Sign-Up. Now, we’ve established a relationship between you and Royale. You’ve been introduced to our packages and have taken an interest in one. Finally, you can now be a part of Royale’s still-expanding family.


It’s as easy as writing on a one-paged paper, literally! Just fill out the following sections in the DISTRIBUTOR APPLICATION FORM, and you’re there:


  1. Name and your Spouse’s name (If married)
  2. Current Address
  3. Zip Code. City or town you are in.
  4. Email Address
  5. Phone number (Landline or Mobile)
  6. Sex
  7. Marital Status
  8. Date of Birth
  9. Sponsor’s Information
  10. Sponsor’s Independent Distributor Tracking Number (IDTC No.)
  11. Upline Information
  12. Placement. (Left or Right)
  13. Independent Distributor Tracking Number (IDTC No.) of the Upline
  14. Signature over printed name.
  15. Distributor’s Name
  16. Contact Number
  17. Sponsor’s I.D Number
  18. Distributor’s Signature
  19. Date
  20. Distributor Name
  21. Contact Number
  22. Sponsor’s I.D Number
  23. Distributor’s signature
  24. Date

PROCEED TO CASHIER TO FINALIZE REGISTRATION. Now that you’ve filled out everything Royale needs to know about you, let’s finalize your registration by heading to any Royale Office and pay the required amount to register your name in Royale Business Club.

Once you’re finally registered, get acquainted and start your Royale path to success.


You are now a Royalista! Now you can now enjoy these additional freebies that you get to have with your new family.

  • Get a Free Entrepreneurial Training from Basic to Advanced, so you won’t have to worry too much on planning too hard.
    Royale will ensure you don’t need to do and learn network marketing by yourself.
  • Digital Marketing Assistance. You get to be a part of the Independent Distributor Tracking Center, where you can monitor your sales online without moving too much muscle.
  • Being a member of Royale, you get to have a Lifetime Membership (NO QUOTAS: NO EXPIRATION)
  • Get Marketing Tools for Free; CDs, Brochures, etc.

Now, go to this page and mark your schedule with the soonest training available. Buff yourself with the knowledge required in order to run your business successfully. See you on the top!

Thank you for believing in Royale!


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