Safety Reminders this Summer


Summer is here. And yes, you can expect nothing but a day that feels like you’re inside a huge oven toaster.  Although a day at the beach or any place with a comforting breeze of airconditioner could guarantee an ease, there will always be a time in a day where the sun could find you.

Here are some safety reminders to consider this summer.

STAY HYDRATED. One of the simplest and still most effective way to beat the heat is to always stay hydrated. Always carry a bottle of water with you when you go out of the house. It’s okay if you sweat, your skin needs that to be hydrated. What you need to fight is exhaustion. Always, even if it’s not needed, drink water. Or if you’d prefer a juice drink, just make sure that what you’re drinking is pure juice without anything added to it.

WHAT YOU WEAR IS IMPORTANT. There’s a reason why everyone’s avoiding dark colors this summer. Always remember that dark colored clothes only absorb more heat. Wear light colored and a bit loose clothes for a cooler walk outside.

GO FOR THE SHADE. It is a known fact that the hottest point of the day is between 10AM to 4PM. But if you really need to go outside, as much as possible, avoid too much sunlight exposure. Always head for the shade. Find a spot where you can walk on without any direct sunlight. Wear sunglasses. At this point, you won’t be wearing this just for fashion, you’ll be protecting your eyes from sun damages. You can bring your own shade; wear a hat that’s sure to protect your face or your nape. Or you could do both if you have one of those big round hats. Bring your umbrella as well, but make sure the shade doesn’t invite more heat in.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS WEAR A SUNSCREEN. This is something everyone should keep in mind. Whether you’re at the beach or maybe just strolling casually outside the house, you have to always make sure that your skin is protected.

It wouldn’t hurt to check the label. Make sure that your sunscreen has both UVA and UVB protection against sun damage.  Like this sun-protecting wonder,


L-GlutaPOWER Lotion is more than just a regular lightening lotion, it promotes a nourished and a protected skin against the damages of free radicals. L-GlutaPOWER has a powerful master antioxidant agent that comes with a strong anti-aging property for a youthful glow.

This lotion contains UVA and UVB sun protection to prevent any sun damages to the skin.

And if your skin feels so dry and uneven after all that sun exposure, here’s Shine!

Royale Shine

Shine is an illuminating and moisturizing hand and body lotion that has the duo-effect of melawhite and carica papaya, which are best to use to combat dryness and to achieve that even skin tone.

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy, get sun-protected with L-GlutaPOWER lotion and Shine!

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