Pillars of Royale


Like the toughest structures in the world, Royale withstood the test of time, defied every possible hurdle there is and remained as a rock-solid network marketing company– largely because of the people who hold it against forces that would topple all except Royale, which they protect dearly.

These are the people you see in our Royale offices every day— earnestly working extra mile to ensure that Royale remains ahead and up to the trend. Most of you might not have noticed them; some, might have wondered who they are.

We call them the “Pillars of Royale” as they serve as the concrete block that supports Royale’s operations. Let’s get to know these talented, proactive and valuable employees behind Royale’s success!


Our efficient Human Resources Department is spearheaded by Mr. Arthur Poria. They handle the recruitment of people suitable to the required position to form an ensemble of hardworking individuals whose vision is to provide a better service through Royale.

They see to it that these people’s values, skills and talents are in line with the company. They create rules and regulations to ensure a harmonious relationship among employees and to maintain an orderly and productive working environment.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our growing, happy company, you know where to get in touch!


Producing, innovating and providing our products with a visual brand, setting the trend of today’s market, and staging events that promote our products and services is our dynamic Product Development and Events Department.

Headed by Ms. Peggy de Villa, their team plays a key role in making sure that the products we use, sell and distribute are of superior quality. They scout the world-class beauty and wellness product suppliers and create something new out of the pre-existing products in the market.

Get startled by new products to be launched soon!


You always encounter the people behind the Marketing and Training Department during business presentations and training conducted in the Royale office. Some of them speak in front of you; others, stay inside the audio booth and operate your audio-visual needs!

They are responsible for all the training and workshops— moulding current and aspiring Royalistas to become competent leaders in the industry. Led by the network marketing pro, Vice-President for Marketing, Mr. Mike A. Tan, their motivational, experienced team will surely boost your confidence and guide you in every step of the way.

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The Creative Production Department is composed of talented professionals, each possessing a unique skill, pooled together to document Royale’s never-ending journey towards success and produce out of it.

The compelling videos presented and applauded by countless spectators in Royale’s biggest events are products of this team’s creative, quirky minds. Managed by the Creative Production Director Jose Mari “Bong” Malong, this department always surprises everyone with their artistic way of communicating Royale’s message to the world.

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Enhancing our online presence through informative and up-to-date website, and maintaining an interactive social platform is the Social Media Department, headed by Mr. Louie Santiano Jr.

Having this team in our company keeps us well-equipped in the digital shift of sharing information. They ensure that our company reaches the largest possible number of consumers in the online arena.

If you happen to see posts from Royale’s official Facebook page trending in your timeline, that’s our Social Media Department at work!


The Ethics Department promotes transparency and ethical leadership behaviours among our distributors.

Supervised by Ms. Eilleen Alwan, their team drafts a code of conduct for distributors and reprimands violators of the company’s policy regarding distribution.

Please be guided. Doing business with ethics equals success.


In the kind of business that we have, having a reliable and efficient I.T. Department is a must. They make sure that our online system works at its best all the time.

Good thing we have a dedicated and competent team of I.T. specialists led by the Vice-President for I.T., Mr. Erick F. Castañeda. With them around, employees can work effectively and distributors can expect that their electronic accounts run smoothly and can never be hacked.


The Operations Department, headed by Ms. Ivyn Angela Malabanan, ensures that the company’s day to day operations run efficiently.

They provide lovely, accommodating and approachable receptionists to pleasantly assist office guests with their needs and respond to their queries. And for everyone’s safety, they deploy polite and helpful security personnel to guard you while you’re studying and doing the business within Royale’s premises.

Aside from these challenging responsibilities, this department is also responsible for the maintenance of the company’s warehouse, which supplies all the branches worldwide.

The cleanliness, coziness and safety of Royale– we owe from the Operations Department. They make us feel like Royale is our home!


The Finance Department deals with all the financial matters of the company. It is managed by the Vice President for Finance, Ms. Isa Angela Bautista and the Chief Comptroller, Ms. Marilyn Enriquez.

The Accounting Section makes sure that employees get compensated on time and distributors get paid for their outstanding contributions. The Cashier and Redemption Sections, on the other hand, work hand in hand in providing the best customer service to our valued distributors. You can see them stationed in several spots in Royale for accessibility and convenience.


Headed by Ms. Marjorie Molina, the Audit Department sees to it that employees have enough office supplies for them to conduct their jobs with convenience and deliver faster, better service.

However, above all, it’s this department’s responsibility to review financial records to ensure accuracy and transparency of every transaction. With their expertise, no mistakes will be left unseen.


The Office of National Branches monitors activities of every branch and satellite centre of Royale nationwide. Through the Vice-President, Mr. Arturo Bonjoc Jr., they ensure that all concerns are directly heard up to the Head Office.

This Department guarantees that the same Royale support and service provided in the Head Office will be given to all the other local branches as well.


Overseeing where we stand in the global market is our International Affairs Department, headed by Mr. Richard F. Castañeda. They check the feasibility of doing Royale in countries where the business can potentially thrive. With their team’s dedication, Royale is becoming an international beauty and wellness brand.


This department generates concepts and executive campaigns to help in boosting the sales of Royale’s distributors. The Sales and Promotions Department is led by Royale’s Executive Committee Members: Mr. Ariel De Leon, Mr. Elmer Magundayao, Ms. Racquel Espaldon-Buensuceso and Mr. Jay Ocampo.


So there’s the list of all the departments in Royale, serving as pillars that hold our company, making us strong and invincible. They bear the load to make it easier for us to soar. It’s time we recognize them and their valuable contributions that have put Royale where it is now— a successful, flourishing company!

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  1. Manchor Lemindog November 25, 2016 at 9:23 AM - Reply

    So great! I am so blessed and proud for being part of Royale family. Thank you Royale!

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    Wow this is amazing! Im so proud to be Royale.!!!

  3. Mario Montejo sr. November 26, 2016 at 12:34 PM - Reply

    I am a proud member of ROYALE.. Thanks for it….

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