How to be gorgeously made up this Christmas

Christmas is when reunions and parties come around. It’s that time of the year when we all throw our worries of work behind and just think about how to look at the next gathering we’re set to go. This has been a dread for every woman who hopes to dazzle the crowd or at least, look decent in photos that might be remembered up until next year’s Christmas.

As it turns out, it’s not that hard to look lovely, really.

Royale’s got your back with some basic beauty tips. Face the mirror and let’s start!


Entering the room, looking so fair and radiant will keep those heads turning.

If you don’t have that healthy, perfect skin yet, you can start with Royale’s L’Opulent products: Radieux, to even out that skin tone; Nouveau, to help you reduce those fine lines; Blanche and Lueur, to give your skin that brightness you deserve.

While the face is the first thing people notice in you, it pays to have a smooth and flawless body too. Don’t be afraid to show off some skin if you really want to. With Royale’s SKN, you can now dare to bare those areas you used to hide.



You may look like an angel with your perfect bright skin, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look hot at a Christmas get-together, right?

With Royale’s new cosmetic line innovation straight from France, getting those sexy eyes is just as easy as pie.

Beautѐ introduces its stellar Eyebrow pencil, ideal in grooming, filling in, shaping and emphasizing your brows with ease.

For your eyes, Beaute has Natural Eyeshadow Pallete made up of the finest, silky powder that is highly pigmented yet gentle on the skin.  After pampering your eyelids with this posh eye shadow, stroke some Beautѐ liquid eyeliner that neatly glides on like silk and dries immediately. Its easy grip and precise tip leave no room for smudges yet still create bold eye looks. And yes, finish off with Beautѐ mascara that boosts your sexy lashes, making it look glamorous and voluminous.

Wear Beautѐ on your parties and see the difference it can make!


A touch of some blushes on your cheeks can go a long way. You don’t want to look pale and weak during parties where you’re expected to be energetic and all. Beautѐ Powder Blush looks attractive on cheeks. In perfect-petal colours, it perfectly complements various skin tones.Powder Blush


LipsListRed is the color of Christmas so how about putting on some red in your lips? Try a bold color of red to complement those smokey eyes you might be trying. Beautѐ matte lipsticks have great shades, aside from Fire Amber, which you can choose from.

Since we’re talking about parties, there will be some drinking, eating, and mostly chatting with friends and families. We know it’s tiring to go in the wash room to do some quick touch-ups every now and then. Royale’s matte lippies got you covered! They keep your lips gorgeously made up the whole day, or night rather—even if you kiss a lot (*winks)!

Finally to cap of your total look, wear the right dress, the right hairstyle, the right attitude and you’re good to go!

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself some early Royale Christmas gifts. You deserve them after all.

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