Early Royale Christmas Gift (2016)

Royale Business Club is giving away an early Christmas gift to all Royalistas nationwide and abroad; to Royalistas in the United Arab Emirates.As the holidays are approaching, Royale Business Club is saying Merry Christmas early with two modified starter packages in the country and in the UAE.

15235833_1457281680963719_7602550534542097250_oThe first Philippine set will be composed of the following: 3 bottles of L-GLuta POWER 462. * A bottle of Grape Seed Extract and Diabetwatch. * 2 pieces of Radieux Lightening Cream and Nouveau Line Corrector Cream. * A piece of Blanche Clarifying Liquid and Dentrin Toothpaste.

With PHP 8,000 worth of Royale Gift Certificate and an additional L-GLuta POWER Lightening Cream and L-GLuta POWER Line Corrector Cream each for free.

Along with the products and gift certificates, Royale will also be issuing a 600 Multilevel Point Value (MPV) and 300 Unilevel Point Value (UPV) to those who will avail the modified Christmas Packages.

On the other hand, set number two will have the following: 4 bottles of L-Gluta POWER 462. * 55 pieces of Royale Beauty Soaps (L-Gluta POWER, Facial Soap, Kojic Papaya Soap and SKN Optimum White Soap), with two pieces of L’Opulent Homme Deodorant for free.

Just as set number one, on set number two, those who will avail will also get a 600 MPV and 300 UPV.


To all Royalistas in the United Arab Emirates, two sets of Starter Packages will be released as well.

A Starter Package Set 1 will be having: 1 bottle of Performax, Spirulina, PRIME, Diabetwatch, L-Gluta POWER 700. * 2 bottles of L-GLuta POWER 462. * 1 box of Choco ALL 8, 1 Pinkish Glow Toner and Pinkish Glow Brightening and Smoothening Cream. * 1 L-GLuta POWER Lightening Lotion. *25 pieces of L-GLuta POWER Facial Soap. * 1 Femme and Homme Deodorants. * 1 L’Opulent Lumiere Facial Foam Cleanser. * 1 Royale Beauty Lipstick.

 On Set Number 2, the Starter Package will be as follows: 1 bottle of Performax and PRIME. * 1 L’Opulent Lumiere Facial Foam Cleanser. * 1 Royale Beauty Lipstick. * 60 pieces of Royale Beauty Soaps. (You can choose between L-Gluta POWER, L-Gluta POWER Facial Soap or Kojic Papaya Soap)

This is Royale’s way of greeting all Royalistas with the most memorable early Christmas gift from the company.

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