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Holiday Eating Tips

Prepare your holiday table; fill it with food you’ve been craving to eat. Yes, because it’s Christmas — that time of the year when we welcome carbohydrates the way we welcome the holidays. It’s when there is too much food on the table that it would just make us feel like we haven’t eaten in [...]

Early Royale Christmas Gift (2016)

Royale Business Club is giving away an early Christmas gift to all Royalistas nationwide and abroad; to Royalistas in the United Arab Emirates.As the holidays are approaching, Royale Business Club is saying Merry Christmas early with two modified starter packages in the country and in the UAE. The first Philippine set will be composed of [...]

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Top Myths about Royale Business Club — Getting FACTS straight

Royale has received some bad publicity from people who have been falling blind to wrong information given by people with either lack of knowledge or just plain scheming for Royale’s downfall. We are here to straighten what has been bent and put all rumours to rest. Royale will give you the truth, the real facts about [...]

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Pillars of Royale

PILLARS OF ROYALE Like the toughest structures in the world, Royale withstood the test of time, defied every possible hurdle there is and remained as a rock-solid network marketing company-- largely because of the people who hold it against forces that would topple all except Royale, which they protect dearly. These are the people you [...]

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Customer Support Hotline

On its 10 years of service, Royale has encountered various concerns from clients around the country, and Royale has never disappointed its clients when it comes to responding to concerns. Royale is now on its second step to reaching clients beyond of Royale’s hands. Now, introducing for the clients’ convenience, the Royale’s new customer support [...]

Royale’s Online Shop is now Open!

Royale Business Club has been creating different ways to reach as many clients as possible. Although having numerous branches all over the country, and abroad was the first step, Royale still has this feeling that there is a portion beyond reach. Now, Royale has found another innovation to further reach Distributors and people who are [...]

Encode a new Royale Package

So you bought a package from Royale. We know that your next question would be, "what do i do now?" Aside from starting further your Royale journey, let's take the time and register what you've purchased from us. This guide will show you the basic steps to register your Royale Package! Follow these simple steps [...]

Starting Royale as an Independent Distributor

You took the time and managed to be around this page. That is for one reason, you are curious. Want to know the basic recipes on how to be an earning Royalista? This is the right place for you. Take this first step by starting Royale, and indulge your curiosity. 1. GET TO KNOW ROYALE [...]

The SKN Selfie Challenge

ROYALE SKN SELFIE CHALLENGE! Posted by Erick Castaneda, Vice President for IT/Operations: Calling all our distributors, it is now your time to shine for we know you are so proud of your visibly fairer skin after that seven day use of SKN Optimum White. Show us your SKN confident Selfies, by posting with Royale’s [...]

Nigeria Travel Incentive to Philippine Arena

Royale is a young company in Nigeria which was established this first quarter of 2016. Despite of its early period, Royale has already produced travel qualifiers to witness Royale's 10th anniversary celebration held in Philippine Arena. The mechanics was not entirely different from how it is done in the base operation office (Philippines), it only [...]

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