4 reasons to make your business online

goonlinebizLook around. What do you notice?

Everyone’s on the phone — watching their favourite movies, browsing things to purchase from online stores or reading viral posts on Facebook. People, nowadays, heavily rely on technology for the best-selling item in this era: information. And you know how much power information holds. It can influence or change people’s behaviour the way you, as digital marketer, want to.

While the traditional way of marketing using flyers, billboards, print ads, and television and radio ads is still prevalent and effective up to these days, digital marketing can be a better alternative, especially for startups. It’s time you use your social media for something bigger than socializing or whatever it is you do on your devices or computers. Here are more reasons to convince you that you need to go digital today if you want your business to succeed!


According to the Internet Live Stats, 45 million people or almost half of the Philippine population are internet users. Yes, it hurts for every traditional marketer to admit that most people are online today. Everyone from class A to D has an access to the internet. Imagine that number of people as potential markets. If you succeed in winning their trust in buying what you’re selling, it won’t be long before you become the next business tycoon.


Here’s a thought, you have a business that eyes a large number of market. How do you reach these people? Have you ever experienced approaching people in busy public places and passing them your promotional flyers? Certainly, most people will just ignore you. Sure, one might be kind enough to take what you’re giving, but chances are, he will just throw it out or fold it in.

With marketing online, you can be at the comfort of your home! Just an internet connection and whatever device you’re using, you can be wherever you want and still promote your business.


Did you know that the average 15-second television ad costs hundreds of thousands of pesos? Same with a newspaper ad and billboard, only to be passed by and be looked at for a few seconds. These traditional advertising still offers great exposure, but its cost is just too much for an aspiring entrepreneur.

So, how much will it cost you to go digital? You need to pay for a regular internet connection, or an hour or two for the access at the computer shop, which are minimal, you can surely afford. Let’s say you can get the same positive results by using traditional and digital marketing, will you go for the one that saves bucks? Of course!


The business competition is always tough; you need to create a recall to stand out. People should remember your brand and your products. You can do this by consistently communicating with your consumers about what you offer and how it can help improve their way of life.

Today, small businesses utilize social media to market products or services. You’ll lose the competition if you don’t recognize the value of digital marketing.

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