Do coffee drinkers live longer?

Almost everyone in the world loves coffee. Some would just occasionally take a sip; others make it a point to drink coffee on a regular basis. Are you a hardcore coffee lover too? Here is probably the best coffee benefit you’ve never heard of!   Can Coffee Really Add More Years to A Person’s Life? [...]

Spot the Signs you have Diabetes

You could you be a victim of diabetes and not realize it. Diabetes is a serious condition where in the body has too much glucose or blood sugar. This is caused by the body not producing insulin, not releasing enough insulin or the cells not responding to the insulin produced by the pancreas. Insulin is [...]

Things to consider before buing an anti-perspirant deodorant

Using a reliable deodorant is a necessity for a variety of reasons. For one, a great deodorant will give you the confidence needed to mingle in social or formal settings. Another is that the use of deodorant could give your self-worth a great boost. Knowing that you are using a great product against sweat and [...]

Four Simple Tips to Get rid of your Beer belly

As time marches on, some people will find that they are retaining a beer belly and let’s admit, whether you’re a man or woman, no one likes to have that bulging gut hanging from your beltline! Here are some techniques on how to get rid of that beer belly!   Get up and exercise Stack [...]

How to use the Online Store

Everyone has this idea that coping up with the world’s digitalization is only for the Millennials. Those who have gotten used to a different time, technology-wise, think that today’s digital world doesn’t welcome them. Royale has taken its step, entering the modern world. Upgrades have been performed to improve our service and meet the global market trend.  Most Royalistas might think such [...]

Beware of Sugar Overdose in Your Juice Drinks

Many people may not realize how dangerous it can be to have too much sugar in one’s juice drinks. Too much sugar, not only in food, but also in liquids can be just as dangerous as not drinking enough water. Why Is Too Much Sugar Bad? Sugar in general is a great tasting substance that [...]

What makes Superfoods really super?

Nutritionists swear by the fact that this superfood can surely help in fighting high blood pressure, bodily weakness, and to top it all cancer! What exactly are Superfoods? Well, they are not drugs to begin with, nor are they some power-packed juices or powders that are not-so-good for your health. And yes, you might be [...]

Holiday Eating Tips

Prepare your holiday table; fill it with food you’ve been craving to eat. Yes, because it’s Christmas — that time of the year when we welcome carbohydrates the way we welcome the holidays. It’s when there is too much food on the table that it would just make us feel like we haven’t eaten in [...]

How to be gorgeously made up this Christmas

Christmas is when reunions and parties come around. It’s that time of the year when we all throw our worries of work behind and just think about how to look at the next gathering we’re set to go. This has been a dread for every woman who hopes to dazzle the crowd or at least, [...]

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Early Royale Christmas Gift (2016)

Royale Business Club is giving away an early Christmas gift to all Royalistas nationwide and abroad; to Royalistas in the United Arab Emirates.As the holidays are approaching, Royale Business Club is saying Merry Christmas early with two modified starter packages in the country and in the UAE. The first Philippine set will be composed of [...]

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