Hi, We’re Royale!

Built on passion and ingenuity

Royalè is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation established in 2006. From its headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines, the company is continually changing the landscape as we know it – from its expansion of branches throughout key cities in the country to international hot spots.
With pillars of industry leaders backed by years of experience and expertise in Finance and Marketing, the company stands tall as a major player in the industry, offering its wide spectrum of FDA-approved health, wellness and beauty products.

Royalè as a Brand is synonymous with innovation and modern. From the packaging to the over-all impeccable quality and service, Royalè products are superlative in all aspects. Its success in the local and international markets is a glaring declaration of this feat.

The business model of Royalè is now the benchmark of Filipino-owned corporations who want to expand their operations worldwide. This pursuit requires more than hard work, but rather, it calls for continuous dedication to excellence and a pragmatic understanding of large-scale multi-national operations. More importantly, a management with keen business sense, acumen and diligence of the highest level is required.


To be a globally recognized brand & entity providing top quality products, services & business opportunities through a dynamic, innovative & sustainable system of product distribution & marketing while adhering to the highest standards of integrity & excellence.


To create a group or club of professional, success driven independent distributors & develop them to be world – class entrepreneurs utilizing a dynamic, innovative & sustainable system of product distribution & marketing while adhering to the highest standards of integrity & excellence.

Core Values

Credibility – A company worth of trust; remaining true to its purpose of providing optimum opportunity to all.
Honesty – A company that observes and practices fairness and ethics.
Equality – A company that offers and upholds the rights and privileges of those under its sphere without discrimination and prejudice.
Resiliency – A company that adapts to the transitions and demands of the modern age, yet maintaining focus on defined corporate directions and goals.
Integrity – A company that is steadfast to its principles, morals and standards.
Sincerity – A company that advocates consistency, truthfulness and authenticity.
Humility – A company that accords due reverence and gratitude to the Lord Almighty; it does not destroy nor detest the reputation of fellow institutions.

Ricardo S. Castañeda

Founder & Chairman Of The Board

Message from the Chairman

The humble beginning of Royale is rooted from simple dreams and aspirations. It was, indeed, a mere draft, an outline, a business plan. An important question had crossed my mind, “Who really is Royale?.” And I recalled all the faces I first met, the personalities I first knew, the stories I first heard and compared it to the present. The answers I had are DIFFERENCE and GROWTH. This made me further realize that Royale has achieved what seemed to be unconquerable and impossible to others. I am proud that its stint in the business had earned a wide spectrum of capabilities, professionalism, and ethics. I believe that these will serve as our guide as we cast through the winds, burn through the skies, and soar higher than ever.
Dear Royalistas, I would like to acknowledge your solid and unsolicited support and resilience in making our company a great success. I am grateful for every inch of commitment, hard work, dedication, and faith you are contributing. In lieu of these, the management and I, to the best that we can, assure you the excellent quality and service you truly deserve. We guarantee you continuous improvement on business process and techniques, competitive marketing plan, efficient and reliable IT system, incessant growth of Royale’s vast array of products, and provision of exhilarating Travel Incentives to bring your business experience to new and greater heights.

Our passion and knowledge, network, and experience are labours of the Leaders that Royale created since it has started. YOU have become true victory catalysts in the lives of every Filipino who dreamed, pursued, and courageously took a brave step towards success and those whose success is about to exude. Set and keep the flame ablaze with the vision and core values to which Royale’s triumph is emanating. Let us live in the realm of purpose and realizations through the course of our actions, words, and thoughts as we inspire, grow, and encourage people. Show what it takes to be a Royalista Leader!

Hand-in-hand, come and join a journey with us and experience the real adventure of achievement and feat. Royale is setting no boundaries! Royale is keeping the fight! Royale is ROYALIZING the World! Its genuine and globally acclaimed products and services and aggressive expansion and market invasion ensure you a great chance and full potential to live the life of a PROUD ROYALISTA!

Grow with us and make a difference! THIS IS ROYALE!

Our Product Line

With the fast-paced habits of today, eating healthy is almost impossible for every people who work hard for their families and as the technological age is rises, simple diseases can become complicated if not addressed. Royale has decided to engage in the distribution of great products at an affordable price. Formulated by rocket scientists, these cutting-edge products have helped resolve beauty and health problems around the world from simple acne to life threatening diseases.

The Management Team

Marjorie Molina

Head for Audit & Assistant Manager for Finance

Marilyn C. Enriquez

Chief Comptroller

Peggy C. De Villa

Head for Product Development and Designs

Ivyn C. Malabanan

Head for Operations

Richard F. Castañeda

Head for International Operations

Mike A. Tan

Vice President for Marketing & Training

Isa Angela C. Bautista

Vice President for Finance

Erick F. Castañeda

Executive Vice President

Our History

Every great companies out there started from small beginnings; and Royale passed through the starting times as well. Royale was crafted by our Founder and Chairman of the BoardMr. Ricardo Castañeda, a bank-financial adviser, with a goal to change the peoples’ lives. He then created a perfect sustainable system for everyone to financially enjoy which is known today as Royale. Today, his vision has been adapted by its leaders and are continuously searching for people who can also be financially-free together with Royale.

2006 Company Formed

Royale Business Club Incorporated started in summer of 2006 with a starting number of 15 employees.

2007 Product Expansion

Royale’s product line started to grow, catering a wide-range of options and categories.

2008 Company Recognition

Distributors are growing and our office started to look like a small place to be in. The company and the products were placed on major newspapers and multi-media mediums.

2009 The International Craze

With our distributors growth, Royale started a noise on the international market. Distributors started purchasing and shipping our products into various countries.

2010 Royale Ignition

Royalistas became unstoppable in soaring the international market. The company has taken-off and international intentions, meetings and proposal flew left and right. It became a busy year for the company building our international offices.

2011 Offshore Entity

With the demand of our products in the international market, Royale officially became an international company, establishing its first international branch on Taiwan and United Arab Emirates.

2012 Superbrand Family

Royale became a part of Superbrands which is a recognition entity for being the best brand in its industry. Shortly after getting this recognition, Royale became a legendary brand and surprised the health and wealth industry.

2013 Home of the Champions

Royale finished constructing its new home and was called the ‘Home of the Champions’. An amazing 5-story building worth of 300m+ with a 5-star hotel features, but the greatest part of it, it is owned by Royale.

2014 Armed and Loaded Royalistas

Royale shook the industry of beauty, health and wealth at this point. Royale became dominant in the industry as many of our Royalistas, even those who did not have any opportunity to study, became financially free by using our Chairman’s business model. It proved a lot of Filipinos, they have became truly armed with the knowledge and skill to be a world-class entrepreneur.

2015 The Game Changer

Royale expanded to different continents, partnering with locals of the country to effectively run the business. From a Filipino company to a multinational company, Royale has definitely set the flag higher for this industry. An industry once labeled dirty and negative, Royale has changed the views to a positive note for all the Filipinos.

2016 Great Decade with Beauté

Royale finally reached a milestone of being first to reach the longest span in this industry. Proving its excellence and quality through the years! And on its first decade, Royale added another line of product which is the Beauté Cosmetics Line. A makeup line formulated and made from the city of love, France. Royale’s intent is to bring a luxurious mineral makeup quality to the Philippines at an affordable price. Royale only assures that aside from your welfare, you are shining through even with your appearance. Healthy inside, Beauty outside!

2017 Update to Those Who Wait

After serving a decade, most of our products maintained its old look and formulation. Along with the introduction of Household Products, Royale gave a facelift to our primary products and even updating their contents to add the recently discovered effective ingredients for cosmetics and health.

2018 Royale Reloaded

After grinding for a decade, experience is gathered. Royale is now starting to cater the millennials, or the future leaders of Royale. The company has mastered the industry, thus becoming the perfect mentors for the new incoming leaders.

2019 Royale is #LIT

New faces, new names, and new blood of entrepreneurs has been introduced in Royale, transitioning the company from the traditional network marketers into the new and tech-savvy network marketers.