Blanc Parfait Lotion

This is not your average lightening lotion. Promotes a nourished and protected skin against the harms of free radicals.

Test the Instant Experience!

Instant with SPF 40

This lotion has a powerful master antioxidant agent that comes with a strong anti-aging property for a youthful glow.

Blanche Clarifying Liquid

Made unique by its own technology of micro-exfoliation to give a deeper cleansing of the skin. This is antioxidant-filled, which can be an aid to protect the skin from serious environmental threats.

SKN Optimum White

Formulated with ingredients that are known solutions against many beauty problems. This is an antioxidant-filled soap that promotes youthful and healthy skin.

Lueur Brightening Cream

Formulated with ingredients to ensure a more natural and effective way to skin lightening. Lueur has components that can help protect the skin from having too much sun exposure. 

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