So what exactly do we do when you’re trying to pursue your dream, go for a goal, start a new business, yet the people around you just don’t seem to see things the way you do, and worse, they even throw negativities at you. Here are some tips from 3-times New York Best-Selling author and success coach, Brendon Burchard.

1. Own your dream.

In this video, Burchard emphasized the importance of understanding that your dream is not anybody else’s responsibility — it’s all yours! “It’s not [other people’s] job to support your dream, that’s your dream. That dream was given to you, to nurture, to protect, to fulfill. It’s not somebody else’s job.

So if your parents don’t like your idea, you don’t have to live your life to please just your parents. If your friends think you’re crazy, it’s not your job to make all of your friends think that you’re sane. Your job is to fulfil that heart’s desire. Your job is to fulfill that part of you that is begging you, and pleading you to follow your dreams, to follow your heart, to create your thing.”

2. Accept the fact that it’s not everybody’s job to support you.

It’s also critical to understand, no matter how painful it may sound, that it’s not everybody’s job to cheer you on, to give you money, to invest in you, to pat you on the back every time you walk into your house at night and you did a good job. And it’s okay.

3. Change the way you react.

Here’s the thing: the criticisms, the judgment, the hatred, they are not going away, not today, not ever. You’ll probably only hear more of it as you grow, even as you get more successful. Burchard says “Part of maturity is getting that point where you can see criticism, and see hatred and not make it your own, not make it about your identity to allow other people’s opinions and judgments to live out there because they’re not gonna go away. You need to accept that. So if you don’t deal with it now, if you don’t make a switch in your mind, that says, ah either I’m gonna limit my exposure to them or I’m gonna change how I react to them. You will always be slave to other people’s opinions and that is not a life of freedom that you want to live.”

4. Take action

Burchard mentioned that a lot of times, people start doubting you because you endlessly talk about your goals, without actually taking steps towards its fruition. “So stop just talking about this thing. A lot of people just talk and they’re not implementing. The more you implement, the more believers you get.”

5. Be ready

The more you follow your dreams, often the more judgment you’re gonna get, too. Remember: “You don’t have to accept their energy. You don’t have to integrate their criticism. You don’t have to pull into your body, into your heart, into your mind, into your soul their value judgments against you. You don’t have to replay their words in your mind over, and over, and over again.”