We’ve already made ways into the year and girl, aren’t we all exhausted? Take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and focus on you! Wondering what to do for your #SelfCareWeekend? We got you! Here are three things you can do to recharge for the coming months ahead:

Shop ‘Til You Drop

As they say, “life is too short to wear boring clothes”. What better way to welcome the new month with a refreshed look and style? Try 2019 runway-approved trends perfect for the season like tie-dye and sensible, but fancy flats. Give your corporate, girl boss look a fun twist and you’ll surely be turning heads!

Give Your Body a Res(e)t

Your body needs to relax. Rest and relaxation is important for your body to recuperate and function properly. In the busyness* of everyday, we tend to forget that our body needs time to slow down. In the name of self-care weekend, why not try something physically rewarding as well as relaxing? Like Yoga! Rooted in India, yoga is both a practice of the mind and body. It allows you to stretch and strengthen your muscles and requires you to take a deep breath.

Build A Self-Care Kit

Self-Care shouldn’t be a one-weekend-only special! Make sure that you’re always in tip-top shape by building your own self-care kit. Start with things that make you instantly happy like a gift card to your favorite store or a trove of chocolate. Include empowering notes to yourself and photos of happy memories for a pick-me-up. Lastly, include things that will keep you feeling great every day like your favorite tea or supplements that improve your physical well-being. Give glutathione and collagen a try! Both give your skin extra elasticity and glow for days. More importantly, glutathione, as an antioxidant, reduces the effects of aging by counteracting free radicals in your body. Look out for yourself in the long run, girl!

Live the life of a #Kween and bloom into your full potential with the Queen’s Care Bloom Box. Send us a message at @bloomboxph.official for more details.