It’s been months since the world has been first struck by the greatest enemy of all  – the Coronavirus. In the battle towards flattening the curve, it’s up to us to protect ourselves from the hazards that the virus may bring. By now, we are all aware that the virus is thought mainly to spread through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. These droplets can land in the mouths and noses of people who are nearby or can possibly be inhaled into the lungs, which can easily be transmitted from person to person. Thus, the imposition of safety measures such as wearing masks and physical distancing is highly encouraged.

Tough times call for tough measures. While it’s important to stay indoors and practice distancing measures and washing hands regularly, it also helps to do your part and protect yourself from within. Studies say that a strong immune system helps a person stay healthy by fighting off bacteria and viruses.  are 5 ways to effectively boost your immune system: 

Maintain a healthy diet.

Like any fighting force, the immune system army marches on its stomach. A healthy immune system would be needing good, regular nourishment. Keep an eye on your diet. Maintaining a healthy diet keeps your system loaded with nutrients that it needs to function properly. Load up with food that’s rich in essential vitamins and minerals to reduce the risk of other complications that you could get. It also helps to get enough intake of multivitamins as needed to help boost your system.

Have enough rest.

Staying at home isn’t really an excuse to be away from activities that require physical movement. While everyone is struggling to earn for a living during these tough times, give yourself time to rest and take things easy. Time management plays an important role in making sure you don’t overdo things and stress your body and mind out. Follow a bedtime routine, but make sure to not pressure yourself unnecessarily. Take a break once in a while, always listen to your body and give what it needs.

Exercise regularly.

Exercise plays a vital role in keeping you healthy, both physically and mentally. Aside from keeping those muscles and bones strong, working out helps in keeping a positive mindset and helps reduce stress. Regular exercise improves blood flow to the brain and helps brain health and memory, thus, boosting productivity and increases energy level. Keep your body moving!

Stay vigilant and extra cautious.

Being self-aware helps in making sure the virus doesn’t just linger around in your homes while you make an effort to stay healthy. Viruses generally remain active longer on stainless steel, plastic and similar hard surfaces than on fabric and other soft surfaces. With the little things such as daily disinfection, proper disposal of used masks, and cooking raw food thoroughly goes a long way in keeping away from the virus.

Your immune system is your greatest shield of protection. The virus isn’t going away anytime soon, and the only way to power through these trying times is to make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for it. Looking out for yourself means looking out for others, too. Stay safe and healthy!