We know going to the beach is fun but for some of us who don’t want to brave the travel, we opt for a comfy summer life here in Manila. To each their own, right? But for most of us, staying in Manila gives us one option–the mall.

We beg to differ! There are so many more destinations aside from the malls. If you’re the same type as us and want to have a worthwhile summer within Manila, read on!

Have a solid self-care session at home

You know what this is–a good bath, face masks, massage, hair, and nails. You can also add your teeth and finally try that teeth whitening product you’ve been eyeing on! The best part is it happens inside your house!

Rekindle your old hobbies at studios and workshops

Remember that time in high school when you did whatever you wanted just because? Return to those old hobbies and it will spark back the fire in you! You can start dancing, painting, crocheting, or even get back into playing with makeup again.

 Catch up on your zen at Beyond Yoga

Want to zen out? Missed a few sessions? Then it’s time to catch up! What’s amazing about yoga is that it’s good for both your physical and mental health. If it’s your first time, add an energy booster before your workout with these capsules so you can hold the positions longer.

Have a good laugh at Laffline or Punchline

They say the best medicine is laughter and we agree! Get your dose of comedy with friends and have a good laugh at sketches, spiels, and songs performed by the top comedians in Manila!  

Staycation at Hotels within Manila

Wanna feel like you traveled to another country? Check-in at a hotel! We have world-class hotels within Manila that have rooms, buffets, pools, and spas that will take your summer for zero to a hundred. 

This list wants us to do every single activity mentioned every weekend! Have more ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below!

 The establishments mentioned here are included in both our Summer Shield Bloom Box and Fit & Fab Bloom Box.