Starting A Skincare Routine? You Only Need These Three Things

A short manual on creating a routine for healthier skin!

If you found this article because you have decided to take better care of your skin but got too overwhelmed by Google searches showing skincare routine with no less than 9 steps, you've come to the right place. Looking after your skin is one best decision you'll make. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body. And like with most things, having a routine is the fastest way to achieve a goal.


How a skincare routine will benefit you

Did you know that various studies have suggested that committing to a self-care plan like skincare routine can help the brain combat negative thoughts? Since the onset of the pandemic, research about why the skincare industry remained afloat despite the fact that people are just staying home found that having a skincare routine has helped many get a feel of stability amid the surrounding uncertainties.

Have you ever felt good coming out of a nice shower after a long day at work or school? That's a perfect example of how tending to yourself becomes a mood booster.

Where do you begin?

Although skincare routine can vary from person to person depending on their skin type, there are key skincare products at the core of every routine. 

Just like how toolboxes in every household are different but all should have screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and measuring tools, an effective skincare routine should have these three products: cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Even the Philippine Dermatology Society agrees with this.

Keeping your skincare routine simple and not intimidating is crucial especially if you're just starting to get into it. While there are trends hyping at least 7 to 9 steps in their routine, this could come next when you've already built the habit of committing to your skincare staples.

3 products that you should have in your skincare routine

Yep, you read that right. You actually only need three products for a simple but effective skincare routine. 3 easy steps that can get you that healthy, glowing skin.

1. Cleanser

It goes without saying that healthy skin is a clean one. Remove dirt and those excess and unwanted oil. You wanna start with a clean slate so your skin can properly absorb the benefits of the products you'll put afterward. 

A good cleanser should also have skin-boosting benefits in itself. Royale's Creme Soap is the perfect product that crosses all the cleanser marks. It thoroughly cleanses the skin without harsh scrubbing, making it a perfect choice for those who have sensitive skin. It also has moisturizing components leaving the skin not only clean but also fresh.

2. Moisturizer

You want to keep your skin hydrated. Having dry skin can trigger the cultivation of other skin problems like acne, and eczema.

For your body, applying lotion is a must. Royale's Shine Illuminating and Moisturizing Lotion can is your best bet to keeping your skin hydrated without feeling greasy and uncomfortable. It's specifically formulated to combat dryness and address uneven skin tone so you also get that confidence boost!

3. Sunscreen

As you may know by now, sun exposure is the biggest threat and hindrance to having healthy skin. But since we can't just hide from the sun, it's important to put on sunscreen daily. And as dermatologists have suggested, using sunscreen is still a must even if you're just staying inside your house.

When it comes to sunscreen, you can never go wrong with something that can both protect and enhance the skin. Take for example Royale's L'Opulent Line Corrector Cream which has SPF 30, a good baseline to keep your skin off the harmful effects of UVA and UVB.

But aside from acting as a shield to the skin, it's also enriched with powerful ingredients that can reduce skin blemishes and dark spots. 


Bonus skincare step: Stick with it!

Good things come to those who wait! And so is true for skincare routines. Achieving the healthiest version of your skin can't happen overnight. Usually, it takes around six to 12 weeks of being committed to a skincare routine before you notice the positive results of your consistency.

We hope to see your glow-up soon, Royalista!