The holiday season is upon us! No matter the party you have lined up–family reunions, high school get-togethers, or office year-enders–we’re sure that these tips will have you looking like the star of the season. Update your makeup look for the holidays!

Pucker Up with a Bold Lip

Here’s a classic tip for you–wear an eye-popping lip color! Getting glammed up during the busiest season of the year could be as easy as swiping up a striking lip color. Don’t forget to prep your lips with lip scrub and balm to get a smooth, vibrant finish. Choose a long-lasting matte, liquid lipstick that won’t fade with every bite of that Christmas ham. Why not try Royale’s Matte Lip Gloss in Adore to bring drama to your holiday look?


Swish and Flick

Another easy way to update your holiday 2018 look is to add emphasis to your peepers. A simple flick of mascara wand and a swish of eyeliner will make all the difference. Achieve the perfect cat eye with ease by practicing with a eyeliner pencil. A pencil will give you more control than a liner (and it’s easier to clean up too!) Add a subtle pop of color with Royale’s Creamy Eye and Lip Pencil in Bloom. Consider this tip as our gift to you: Use concealer to mark the end point of your winged tip. This will give you a little eyeliner “stencil” to follow and will make clean up easier.

Shine Bright with Glitter

Take a risk this yuletide season by pairing your favorite nude lipstick with a glittery eyeshadow. A sparkly swoop of color on your eyelids brings the right amount of glam to your holiday party look. Make sure to use a durable glitter primer to keep the shimmer on your lids, not in your eyes. If glitter eyeshadow is too much, why not try glitter eyeliner instead? It’s wearable glam that you can take from day to night!