The new year is all about self-improvement and setting goals. Whether it be quitting a vice, saving up for the future, or finally starting that diet, the new year is the time to do it. But, the best way to ensure that you have a great year is to invest in yourself. Here are some of our tips to turn you into the health hero of 2019!

Start Your Day Early
You don’t need productivity apps to increase your efficiency. The key to achieving your health goals (or goals, in general) is by starting your day bright and early. Following the cycle of the sun–sunrise to sunset– as part of your personal routine is an excellent way to build habits and bring consistency to your everyday. Don’t believe us? Your sleep hormone, melatonin, follows the rhythm of daylight. It basically tells you when to sleep and wake up. A little added bonus, women who wake up early are also less prone to depression!

Water In, Sweat Out
The easiest way to feel change with your body is by hydrating it properly. Drinking your daily recommended water intake has benefits such as improvement in brain function, bowel movement, and even encourage weight loss! But, life is all about balance–Sweat out what you put in! Sweat is your body’s way to maintain temperature as well clear out all the toxins it accumulated. Try doing easy exercises at home or even exercising at work!

Get your Daily Nutrients
Did you know that Filipinos have some of the worst health habits in Asia? Yikes! Giving your body the proper fuel to function well is important to a great life. But, maintaining a healthy diet and getting proper exercise can be a daunting task especially in a fast-paced world. It’s alright to treat yourself to the occasional reward meal but, this year be wary of your macro- and micronutrients! These are your fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and of course other important vitamins and minerals. A healthy body is making good habits. Why not start your day with a daily multivitamin like Royale’s Prime or an antioxidant-rich drink like Richarge?