Staying on top of trends is a 24/7 career and part of it is predicting what comes next. Since the year 2000, the color experts at Pantone choose the most en vogue hue across the globe–the Color of the Year.

Pantone’s choice for Color Of The Year influences most creative industries from social media and digital trends, industrial and interior designs, to fashion and beauty. Who can forget 2000’s Cerulean–made immortal by The Devil Wears Prada–or the twins of 2016 Rose Quartz and Serenity? This year, it’s all about Living Coral (PANTONE 16-1546)! Feminine, strong, and vibrant–Pantone Living Coral’s bright hue is an homage to our natural surroundings and our quest for authentic and immersive experiences amidst the digital world.

So, how do we breathe life to your 2019 looks? Lucky for us, Living Coral is a universally flattering shade. (Hello to our morenas out there!) This orangey-pink shade is perfect for your looks! Ease into this eye-catching trend by using it for that pop of color every outfit aspect of your life needs. Check out our picks:

Why not spruce up your monochromes with a popping accessory? This chic pair of glasses from
Sunnies Studios gives you that nineties vibe with a 2019 twist. Or take on the bubbling trend of acrylic statement earrings!

A bold lip? Colorful eyeshadow? 2019 is all about going natural with your beauty looks. And what’s more natural than a little blush?
Royale’s Powder Blush in Daydream brings a warm, inviting tint that builds to a natural flush.