It’s a Monday. The air conditioner is on full blast but you wake up with sweat beads on your forehead and the sun’s rays beaming straight to your face. Yeap, Summer is undoubtedly here.

Summer in the Philippines is actually one of the best times of the year because there are beaches in every region. Some are even just 2 hours away! However, with the current temperature averaging at 35 degrees celsius (95 in Fahrenheit) the heat has become LI-TE-RA-LLY unbearable.

Which is why surviving summer has become a mission! So take notes, ‘cause we have some serious tips on How we can all survive Philippines’ scorching heat.

Make hydration a priority

Drinking water solves a lot of health problems, humans are 80% water after all. We suggest you drink water right when you wake up to jumpstart your body. If you’re going out, bring an insulated water bottle so you can drink cold water and hydrate wherever you are. This also applies to what you eat, fruits and veggies are a must.

Protect your skin

This is the part where we preach about sunscreen. You should know by now that sunscreen is non-negotiable–even if it’s not summer! Use a day cream that will give you protection and moisturizing benefits. And oh, please don’t forget to put lotion on your body too!

Strategically plan out your day

Working smarter is a plus on our book. Use your planning strategies to make sure you have a productive day without being out and about under the sun. Whether your planning you work week or vacation at Boracay, it’s best to stay indoors or away from the sun from 12nn to 3pm, when the sun’s harmful rays and heat are at its peak.

Wash the day off

Since it is very hot, your skin’s response is to either sweat or overproduce oil, or worse, both. Yikes! With this, your skin has the tendency to absorb more dirt and bacteria. Make sure you wash all of that off before you go to bed with a cleanser that keeps your skin healthy.

This list actually sounds pretty easy but it takes a lot of commitment. Better prepare yourselves.  Have a happy, sunburn-free summer!  Have more tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!  We have more products that can help you survive the summer heat in our Summer Shield Bloom Box.