Despite our country not having a winter season, the level of cold air that surrounds us during the holiday season can still wreak havoc on your body. Here are some tips to keep you healthy and unbothered by the common cold during all the holiday parties, deadlines, and rush shopping. 

Eat More Green and Orange Vegetables

What we consume during this time are mostly meat, not vegetables and fruits so we suggest you get creative and incorporate them to other dishes. Or maybe, try smoothies! Spinach, kale, Swiss chard, squash, carrots and oranges are all delicious and nutritious during this time of the year.

Take Vitamin Supplements: Vitamin C and Glutathione

Consuming lots of vitamin C will help your body battle cold and flu symptoms. On the other hand, Glutathione, the mother of all antioxidants, will help your body reduce oxidative stress that causes diseases like diabetes. Vitamin C and Glutathione are also the perfect match for making your skin healthy, radiant and glowing. 

Workout Whenever and Wherever you can

Cold weather slump and laziness is real! Accompanied with a lot of food in the fridge and Netflix, you’re tempted to stay at home but don’t give in to the temptation. Make the most out of your break and look at online resources for workout videos and exercises you can do at home. 

Drink Herbal Teas

Herbal teas like lemon and chamomile can ease depression and anxiety by calming nerves and relaxing your body. They can also help you sleep better. To get the maximum benefit, be sure to look for organic teas made from high-quality ingredients.

Sleep Longer and Better

Your body will naturally want to sleep longer during this time of the year. Use the longer evenings to wind down and begin relaxing before bed. Try to go to bed as early as possible to give your body enough rest during the times it craves it the most.

Hoping these tips help you for the next few months of cold weather. Happy Holidays!