Ever wondered how much our lives would be different if only we were doing our best and were being our best selves daily? Most definitely, everything will be so much better. We’d probably be more productive, with better health, more loving relationships and in more fulfilling endeavours.

So for today, let’s try to bring ourselves a step closer towards the lives we really and truly want to live. Here are some steps according to success mentor and former editor-in-chief of Success Magazine, Darren Hardy, on how to do just that:

List down 5 qualities of who you are as your best self.

Describe the person that you are, how you dress up, show up, stand up, talk, relate, make deals, work when you are at your best. Describe the thoughts, feelings, and the kind of energy that run in your body. Cheerful, exceptional, creative, energetic, driven, confident, intentional? Name it.

Live them today.

Yes, just try it for today. Just try to see how it looks like and feels like when you have finally entered a state of greatness that you don’t always see yourself in. See the improvements in your skillset, mindset, and heart set.

Here’s the fun part: do it again tomorrow!

Once you’ve tried it and has seen the benefits, give it another day. And if you find yourself still satisfied and wanting more, go for another day. And who knows, this whole new way of living at your most might just become a permanent way of living. Can you just imagine the change in the trajectory of your life and experiencing a higher level of abundance in all aspects of your life? This is possible, this is achievable – all it takes is to start, just one day.

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And hey, just in case your wondering when that “one day” would be, here’s a friendly reminder, today is the best day to be at your best!