With all the festivities and the busy-ness that comes with it, this wonder-nutrient is your best friend this season.

Why Glutathione is your Bestie!

Glutathione Brings the Holiday Glow On

It has been said that where two or three gathers, there’s definitely a group selfie!
 And at the time of the year when events and reunions are left and right, we definitely have to be photo-ready! Pictures are forever, as they say, so if you want to have skin that looks good both in photos and in person, well don’t worry, Gluta’s got you!

Nowadays, it is much popular for it’s skin whitening benefits, which by the way is just it’s side effect, but there’s so much more to glutathione than that. Some experts recommend the daily intake of glutathione to remove dark spots, promote youthful skin and get rid of pimple and pimple marks.

Not a fan of skin whitening? Glutathione beats free radicals and skin stressors that can cause dullness. You’ll definitely get your glow on and be noticeably radiant during the get togethers and even in pictures!

Glutathione Boosts the Immune System

’Tis the season to be jolly! Yet ’tis also the season of coughs and colds. We don’t want your holidays to get ruined by these common cold season illnesses. Of course, prevention is always better than cure so amp up your immune system by eating healthy food, sleeping well, drinking plenty of water, and by taking our favorite Glutathione.

Glutathione Flushes out Toxins

With the holiday rush comes also the holiday stress. Stress can do so much damage in the body, may it be physical or emotional. And we’re not just talking about stress from the traffic and shopping, we’re also talking about the stress your body gets from eating and drinking too much during the reunions and gathering, even the stress it gets from being exposed to sun rays and pollution when you go gift hunting in exposed areas. Taking glutathione is the best Christmas gift to your kidney and liver as it works wonders as an antioxidant and detoxifier.

Best Practices

  • Glutathione can be taken anytime of the day, preferably before meal time because it is best utilized when taken in an empty stomach.
  • Want to get the most of your glutathione? Take it with Vitamin C, it recycles the glutathione and it also helps the body manufacture more of it!
  • If you really want to keep the holiday glow until next year, apply your favorite sunscreen or products with SPF both on the face and body to protect it from UV exposure that can damage your skin cells. Try Lueur Brightening Cream for the face with SPF 30 and Blanc Parfait for the body with SPF 40
  • Want to achieve your best skin yet? Complete your regimen. Use SKN Optimum White Soap which is an antioxidant-filled soap that promotes youthful, glowing and healthy skin. After cleansing, apply Blanche Clarifying Liquid which can brighten the skin and bring out it’s natural radiance. Proceed with your sunscreen and makeup routine.

L-Gluta Power 700


Lueur Brightening Cream

SKN Optimum White

Blanche Clarifying Liquid

Blanc Parfait Lightening Lotion

Photo Credit — Ian C. Lim