You can’t compete with the feeling of owning something new. It is the best feeling to ever have, specially if this something new can possibly open a wider and greater heights for you or your career. Let us give you a step-by-step guidelines on encoding your first package plan in Royale Business Club International.

Step 1 — Obtain your Activation Key

Activation Codes are given upon a successful purchase of any of Royale’s Product Package. To get your activation details, you need to scratch the back of the card to get the user id and its pin.

  1. UserID — This is your package plan identifier.
  2. Registration Pin — Used to verify the activation code.
  3. Control Number — Your unique card identification number. It has all the purchase details if checking is needed.

Prepare and keep the details from the card. If necessary, avoid giving the details to others.

Step 2 — Prepare your Details

Be mindful of the following details:

  1. Sales Network Placement — Your upline’s id number. *
  2. Sponsor ID — Your sponsor’s id number. *
  3. Position — Your placement. *
  4. Username — Your login identifier. (e.g: JuanRoyalista)
  5. Password — Your password.
  6. Re-type Password — Verify that the password is matched.
  7. User ID — The user id from the activation card.
  8. Registration Pin — The pin from the activation card.

* — This information will be coming from your sponsor.

Step 3 — Finishing and Logging In

Verify the name of the sponsor displayed matches the name of your sponsor. Click continue afterwards and you are now ready to sign-in!