Being the mother of all professions, teaching, without a doubt, is one of the noblest yet the most stressful careers there is. It demands a different level of effort and energy — physically, mentally and emotionally. Since a teacher’s responsibility goes beyond teaching, it is important to invest in one’s personal health.

We’ve rounded up the best wellness supplements that can help maintain your well-being

  1. Spirulina — Teaching requires a lot of focus and mental acuity. From preparing lesson plans to teaching the students, Spirulina can help you out. This brain booster helps improve your memory, enhance brain health and protect it from degenerative diseases. Try Royale Spirulina. Did we mention that this helps you stay fit and lean too?



  2. Vitamin C — Staying healthy is important not just because it’s difficult to get sick leaves but also because you want to avoid transmitting the disease to your students. Boost your immune system by taking vitamin C daily. Try Royale C — it’s non-acidic and tummy-friendly!



  3. Glutathione — Whether your stress is from work or from your students, it can still take a toll on your immune system and speed up your aging process. De-stress with Glutathione. It flushes out toxins from your body and helps in brightening up your skin. Did you know that glutathione works best with grapeseed extract and vitamin C? Get all three in one capsule, try Royale L-GlutaPower700.



  4. Richarge — A day’s worth of work can drain the life out of you and let’s face it, caffeine is the most popular choice for that quick energy boost. Just in case you’re looking for an alternative, Richarge Herbal Drink Mix can help you get your mojo back without palpitations! It’s loaded with 7 potent antioxidants that fight off fatigue and helps bring wonders to your health too!