It’s the season to be jolly, but remember to keep your health a priority!
Here are tips on how you and your loved ones can stay healthy during the holidays.

Fill up on fiber

You’ve probably heard that fiber is good for you. Not only does it help prevent or relieve constipation, it also cleanses your colon, helps lower your risk of diabetes, heart problems and some types of cancers, and helps you manage your weight. In this season of left and right feasts, fiber can help you keep your weight in check! Consume a high fiber diet or consider taking a supplement before attending parties. This helps you feel full so you don’t overeat.

Skip the sugar

One of the major holiday weight gain culprits would be sugar, which is pretty much difficult to avoid with all the indulgent desserts, mouth-watering meals, and beverages on your Christmas table. You don’t really have to skip sugar altogether but you can swap some of your favorite treats for some healthier alternatives. For example, you can skip soda and replace it with water or Richarge — this low calorie drink has no added sugar and is packed with nature’s most potent antioxidants!

Intensify your immunity

You probably feel the cold “Amihan” air brushing on your skin every now and then, especially when you attend the Misa de Gallo. It’s a wonderful feeling but it can also bring illnesses like cough and colds. Don’t let common illnesses ruin your holiday. It’s time to bring your sweaters out and boost the immune system to prevent diseases. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and remember to load up on vitamins and minerals like Royale C, Spirulina, and Prime.

Have a happy and healthy holiday!