Yes, it’s that time of the year again–time to rethink the past year and see how you can improve your life for the next year. Granted that the coming of the new year shouldn’t be your only motivation to change, it’s still a great motivator to start the year on the right foot. When it comes to resolutions, health is always on top of everyone’s list. Here are some suggestions for your health-related resolutions. 

Invest in Supplements like Glutathione

Glutathione isn’t just for brightening. It keeps your liver healthy, helps manage stress levels, and nurtures mental health. In fact, it’s the mother of all antioxidants! You’ll definitely need a supplement as effective as Glutathione. To take things to the next level, consult your doctor and see what else you can add to keep your health in check!

Drink your Vitamin C–Royale C

If there’s one thing our parents always remind us, it’s to “always drink your vitamins”. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system, keeps your skin healthier and brighter, and is a perfect partner to other vitamins. So invest in quality vitamin C and stay in tip-top shape!

Bathe in Kojic Papaya Soap

The skin is the largest organ of your body but it’s sad that it doesn’t get the care it deserves. Commit to well-loved skin with a soap that can keep it brighter, softer, and healthier.

Pursue Fitness for a Healthier Body

Love your body and make sure you get regular exercise. Don’t make it a goal to “lose weight” or “look thinner”, just turn your goal into something more feasible and doable in the long run so your fitness will always be in check

Commit to a Long-Term Healthy Diet 

Trash the fad diets that you can’t commit to and just go for a diet that will help you in the long run. Whether it’s low-carb, intermittent fasting, alkaline-based, vegan, etc. as long as it’s something you can commit to, it’s what you should pursue. 

Prioritize Mental Health

This is all the rage now, and it’s a good thing because we want this to be part of the regular conversation. Your brain helps the rest of your body function so it’s just right that you take care of it. Nurture it through meditation. It will help you control your mind and even your emotions better. 

Here’s to a better you this 2020!